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Parking, Safety and Car Line Procedures

Drop off & Pick-up Procedures

Carpooling, walking, and biking are strongly encouraged! Be sure to let your children know who is picking them up and /or meeting them and at what location.


Car Line Procedures

Our carline is an integral procedure at Blueberry Hill School. Traffic congestion is no surprise with close to 500 children arriving or leaving the school at one time. Please work with us by remaining patient while picking up or dropping off your child. Time is critical for everyone, but for the safety of our entire community, all procedures must be followed. The essential goal of the carline procedure is to ensure the safety of our students, teachers, staff, and families. The procedure is one that has been reviewed by the Safety Officer from the Longmeadow Police Department, and works well for us only if our community cooperates. When a driver in the carline chooses to disregard any component of our procedure, the choice compromises the safety of our children.

Please review and adhere to the following:

  • Proceed in a single line only and be ready to move forward at all times.

  • Drive your vehicle all the way to the furthermost point in the carline before stopping.Pull forward as far as possible within the drop-off area.

  • Children enter and exit from the passenger side of the vehicle only.

  • It is not acceptable to create a carline pick up or drop off at any undesignated area: in front parking lot, anywhere along Blueberry Hill Road.

  • NEVER allow your child to cross the street where there is no crosswalk, even if you are waiting on the other side.

  • Do not park and leave your car in line. • Please be considerate of our neighbors at all times and when making parking choices.

  • Refrain from cell phone use in the carline. • Please visit: to learn the advantages of walking or biking to school daily.


All bikers entering the school from the side closest to the high school fields must WALK their bikes to the bike racks by the gym. Students should walk their bikes on the sidewalk then continue to the designated line up area after parking their bikes in a bike rack.

All bikers entering the school on the Lawrence Drive side must follow the paved sidewalk along the back of the parking lot to the bike racks by the 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms. Students should then stay on the sidewalk until they reach their designated line-up area.

When leaving, students again must walk their bikes until they are off school grounds.


Walkers must remain on the sidewalks at all times while on school property. Crossing through the parking lot at any time is prohibited. Reminder: Students may only use the crosswalk in front of the school with an accompanying adult.

Bicycle and Scooter Use at School

  • Students are encouraged to ride bicycles and/or scooters to and from school.

  • Law requires helmet.

  • Bike racks are provided for the safe storage of bikes and scooters.

  • Students should use locks for bikes while standing at the racks.

  • Park your bike in a spoke of the stand NOT in the walkway.

  • Bikes/scooters must be walked on and off the school property.