Social Emotional Learning

Monthly Themes

Each month this year, there will be a theme that coincides with the social and emotional curriculum used at Blueberry Hill School, Second Step. Students across all grade levels will participate in weekly lessons to create a safer, more respectful learning environment that promotes school success for all.

April: Friendship

April’s monthly theme is Friendship. Lessons will focus on friendly behaviors during play, such as including others, good sportsmanship, and resolving conflict.

March: Mindfulness

March’s monthly theme is Mindfulness. These lessons deviate somewhat from the Second Step curriculum. Students will get an introduction to what it means to be in the moment by practicing focused attention to our breath, movement, and our senses.

February: Problem Solving

February’s monthly theme is Problem Solving. Students will learn the acronym STEP to better help them remember what to do when a problem arises: S- say the problem, T- think of solutions, E- explore the consequences (what could happen if….), and P- pick the best solution. It is always much easier to solve problems when we are feeling calm.

January: Empathy

January’s monthly theme is Emotion Management. Students will learn to identify and name strong feelings as they occur, including the signals their bodies are giving them, to better be able to interrupt escalating emotions. Calming strategies will be discussed and practiced, such as taking deep breaths, counting to ten, and using positive self-talk.

November and December: Empathy

November’s and December’s monthly theme is Empathy, which is defined as being able to feel or understand what another person is feeling. Students will engage in lessons that help them identify emotions in themselves and others, labeling these emotions, and taking the perspective of others. Students will also get real life opportunities to practice empathy by learning about and assisting organizations that provide aid to our community neighbors.

October: Skills for Learning

October’s monthly theme is Skills for Learning. Focusing attention, listening, using self-talk, and being assertive are skills for learning that students must be able to integrate and apply in order to be successful in diverse learning environments.

September: Setting the Stage

September’s monthly theme is Setting the Stage. Teachers will spend time daily building community within their classrooms and around the building. Students will work together to develop ideas of what it means to be safe, respectful, and responsible inside and outside the school building. We are creating a set of expectations for our school.