Summer Math

Dear Families,

Our mathematicians have worked hard this year and are looking forward to a long and well-deserved summer vacation. We are very proud of their successes and look forward to working with you to help them progress even more next year. 

During summer vacation, it can be difficult for students to be motivated to do school work and they tend to lose educational knowledge during this time. For more information on this phenomenon, please check out There are ways to keep students thinking about mathematics without removing summer fun. I have included several in the following pages. Feel free to have your child try some activities that are listed for other grade levels. 

You might be pleasantly surprised! Please check out the last page for useful websites and apps that also provide opportunities for math practice. 

Have a great summer!

Your Math Coach,

Sasha Aldridge-West
Karen Stark,
Jun 24, 2014, 9:31 AM